Cloud Drive Reviews


My personal favorite for several years now, Dropbox lets you easily sync files across multuple computers and devices in real-time. Dropbox keeps file revisions, has a handy web interface, and can even serve your files over HTTP (just don't abuse it, Dropbox is not a web hosting service). Dropbox is limited to syncing only a single folder, however the service is highly reliable and runs pretty much silently in the background. Comes with 2GB of free space, 50GB goes for $10/month.


Like Dropbox, Mozy offers 2GB of free space, works with Mac and PC, and keeps multiple versions of your files, so you can restore files up to 30 days after they've been changed. However, unlike Dropbox, Mozy doesn't have automatic multi-computer syncing capabilites, so I'd only recommend it if for those with a single computer. Their 50GB option is a little cheaper than Dropbox, at just $6/month, and 125GB goes for $10.

Amazon Cloud Drive

A newcomer to the field, Amazon's Cloud Drive is also missing the multi-computer sync feature that makes Dropbox so great. However, if you just need storage, Amazon is one of the cheapest: You get 5GB free and 50GB is just $50/year.


Offers features comparable to Dropbox at roughly the same cost per GB, but has significantly lower price tiers. Zumo also has some interesting media playback capabilities, allowing you to stream music from your iPhone or Android device. Comes with up to 2GB free, and plans start as low as $3/month for 10GB.


Another Dropbox competitor, SugarSync tries to differentiate itself by letting you sync multiple folders, a feature sorely missing from Dropbox. Like ZumoDrive, SugarSync also supports streaming music to your phone. SugarSync also offers lower pricing, with 30GB going for just $50/year.

Apple iCloud

Following on the failed "Mobile Me" project, iCloud is Apple's second try at the cloud drive concept. At the moment, it's exclusive to Apple products (of course), but offers a level of integration you won't find anywhere else. iCloud, while new, looks to become the preferred solution for those wanting to seamlessly sync their iDevices. Includes 5GB of free online storage, 10GB is available for $20 a year, and 50GB will cost you $100 a year.

Google Drive

Finally! After years of rumors, false starts, and cancelled launches, Google Drive is finally here! If anyone can eat into Dropbox's market share, Google can (just look what they did to Firefox and IE with Chrome). Google's offering 5GB free, and 100GB is available for the extremely low price of just $5/month. The service works with Macs, PCs, and Android devices (iPhone and iPad support is coming soon).

A few more...

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